University of Mississippi Receives High Rating for Third Straight Year, According to Military Advanced Education & Transition’s 2016 Guide to Colleges and Universities

A survey that measures the best practices in veteran and military education was used to rank each university.  The schools that received the highest ranking were those that were proven to provide exceptional services to military personnel and veterans.

Over 600 institutions were taken into account when choosing the top university.  The best universities online were ranked along with community colleges to state universities.


Factors to Consider When Shopping for Various Types of Roofing Materials According to the Huffington Post

There are many options to consider when choosing the type of roof you want.  Building code requirements can play a role as well as fitting in with your neighbor’s style of roof.

This Williamsburg roofer points out the most popular roofing materials, starting with asphalt shingles.  Used by 80% of home owners today, the asphalt shingle is usually the best choice due to cost and ease of installation.